manner of Speaking

The Idiom Game

What is manner of Speaking?

manner of Speaking is a game of idioms, words and phrases that we all use everyday. Teams try to guess answers to clues about these common forms of speech in English.

Answers can be idioms like 'shotgun wedding,' 'I'm on a roll,' 'cold feet.'


What is an idiom?


  • Phrase or expression whose meaning cannot be derived from its individual words
  • A manner of Speaking that is peculiar to a people or area

We use idioms all the time. According to Wikipedia, it is estimated that there are at least 25,000 idiomatic expressions in the English language.

Idiom examples

These phrases have a different meaning than they appear to have. We know the meanings because we use them all the time in our everyday speech.

You probably know all of these idioms and know their meanings. You probably know that "feather in your cap" doesn't literally mean that you're wearing a cap with a feather in it. Having a feather in your cap means you've accomplished something that you are proud of.

Playing the game

To play the game a clue is read and teams try to guess the answer. Teams can wager to get more points if they think they know the answer. But they must be careful or they'll lose their wager!

Each card has a topic at the top. The topic tells you what the card is about. Examples: if the topic is "Phrases with thumb" every answer has the word thumb in it. The topic "First Names" has a first name in every answer.

That's what manner of Speaking is. It's a game of guessing idioms, words and phrases by their meanings. Someone reads the meaning of an idiom, word or phrase and teams guess the answer.

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